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Professorship of Public Health Nutrition – Junior Professor Laura M. König

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Clarified - The SciComm Podcast

Thanks to generous funding of an e-tutor position from the University of Bayreuth Fortbildungszentrum für Hochschullehre for the summer semester 2022 and the OUTREACH programme of the University of Bayreuth, food and health sciences student Clara Marx and Prof. Dr. Laura M. König are working on a podcast about getting started in science communication. The podcast is part of the educational materials of the course "Science Communication", offered for students of the M.Sc. programmes Food Quality and Safety and Global Food, Nutrition and Health at the interdisciplinary Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health.

Clarified - the SciComm Podcast answers questions about science communication from the student perspective: What is important for creating an effective science communication strategy? How to address different audiences through written text and visualisations? How to kick-start my science communication career? The episodes are published as an open educational resource on Spotify.

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