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Professorship of Public Health Nutrition – Junior Professor Laura M. König

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Bachelor and Master projects

We currently accept Bachelor and Master students to write their thesis with us. You can either select a specific topic from the list of projects or suggest a topic based on the list of potential topics or the group's research interests. Theses can be written in either English or German.

Bachelor or Master thesis projects are usually empirical. They thus require students to be involved in study planning and data collection and furthermore will require them to analyse the collected data semi-autonomously. Although previous experience in conducting behavioural studies is desirable, it is not a prerequisite. However, students should be willing to acquire the necessary skills. They will be supported in the necessary steps by the supervisor and the group. Because the projects usually require some preparatory work (pre-registration, ethical approval) before data can be collected, it is advised to get in touch at least eight months before the planned submission date to discuss potential topics and the timeline.

List of ongoing projects that can be joined:

  • Eating behaviour during Ramadan
  • Why do people use nutrition apps and fitness trackers?
  • Perceived ease of changing health behaviours

The projects are outlined in greater detail here.

Potential topics for which suggestions are welcome:

  • Health and science communication with a focus on nutrition or sustainable behaviours
  • Predictors or immediate psychological outcomes of eating behaviour in daily life (e.g., measured via Ecological Momentary Assessment)

If you would like to write your Bachelor or Master thesis with us, take a look at the outlined projects and contact Prof. Dr. Laura M. König with a completed application form. Applications close on 25 July 2021.

Ongoing Bachelor and Master projects

Anna-Lena David: title tbd

Gina Larah Gumz: title tbd

Olivia Ehrecke: title tbd

Sarah Straßberger: title tbd

Vanessa Tauscher: title tbd

Rebeka Terzic: title tbd

Katharina Weiß: Comparing the effectiveness of videos, podcasts and online tests in nutrition communication

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