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Professorship of Public Health Nutrition – Junior Professor Laura M. König

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Webinar with Dr. Dani Arigo on 11 August

Webinar on 11 August, 10 am to noon CEST

Investigating Psychological Determinants of Health: Focusing on Within-Person Processes to Improve Physical Activity Interventions

Webinar, facilitated by Danielle (Dani) Arigo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Rowan University, USA, in collaboration with Dr. Laura M. König, Junior Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Dr. Dani Arigo is a clinical health psychologist from Rowan University in New Jersey, USA. She is visiting the University of Bayreuth and Campus Kulmbach on a Short-Term Grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Center for International Excellence, in collaboration with Dr. Laura König. In this interactive session, Dr. Arigo will present the goals of her research program and the details of a series of studies with adults in college and midlife, to illustrate the benefits of focusing on psychological processes as they fluctuate (for the same person over time) for improving the efficacy of interventions to promote physical activity. She will describe the implications of this work for both traditional face-to-face interventions and those delivered via digital health tools (e.g., smartphone apps, wearable devices, social media platforms). After this presentation, Drs. Arigo and König will facilitate discussion about Dr. Arigo’s work and about international and interdisciplinary collaboration in health research more broadly.

Register via https://cutt.ly/Tm8weGo

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